Looking forward

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Our priorities for 2024 are guided by our materiality assessment deep dive. This assessment enables us to better understand our stakeholdersā€™ material matters, enabling us to systematically drive our stakeholder and thought leadership strategy. The assessmentā€™s insights will further determine our engagement planning and activations. The overall purpose is to build stronger relationships and balance stakeholder expectations, thereby creating shared value.


2024 priorities
  • Progress the United Nationsā€™ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in line with our sustainability agenda.
  • Integrate and embed sustainability into our operational processes.
  • Continue setting net-zero pathways.
  • Focus on improving data availability and quality.


Some of the important initiatives that are currently underway to improve our focus areas include:

  • Undertaking a comprehensive sustainability data programme to improve the availability and quality of data required for sustainability measurement and management.
  • Conducting skills development and awareness of sustainability to empower our Board and workforce.
  • Providing innovative, inclusive banking products and affordable home loans while supporting financial inclusion in the agriculture sector, as well as small and medium enterprises, with a focus on women and the youth.
  • Growing the share of women in leadership, improving fair and responsible remuneration and developing supply chain diversity.
  • Identifying and setting additional sector-specific pathways for our other climate-sensitive sectors within our Scope 3 financed emissions framework.
  • Enhancing our climate risk assessment methodologies through improved data capabilities and more comprehensive scenario testing.