Working and growing with us

Your career at Absa is guaranteed to be an exciting and innovative journey - driven by dedication to our staff, our culture and our vision of creating cutting-edge financial services.

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Africa’s most dynamic financial organisation

If you have big ambitions then join the club! We are all about aiming for the top…and getting there. We are unlike any other bank because:

  • Unlike international banks we enjoy deep African insights based on our local operations
  • Unlike local banks we have access international technologies, insights and products
  • Our unique Shared Growth philosophy ensures that we truly integrate with, empower and uplift the communities we work in
  • Our workforce is built on cultural and skills diversity
  • Our career skills are equally diverse – from actuaries, designers, researchers, bankers and more
  • We are a Top Employer in Africa as certified by the Top Employer Institute.

Why build your career with us?

A culture for all

We believe in inclusivity and diversity. We encourage innovation, ownership and an entrepreneurial outlook. All supported by our shared purpose and identity.

A focus on our customers

We strive to offer the best banking services and we know the best products are built on customers’ needs, wants and expectations.

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A platform for our people

We maintain the best environment for our people to thrive, grow and contribute.We recognise that your skills and career growth is where your true value lies.

A horizontal structure

We are a forward thinking and acting organisation. This is why our leadership structures are distributed at every level and everyone is encouraged to contribute.

Share our vision and build your career

We are at heart an organisation built on innovation and respect for people. We believe in individual growth and strive to positively impact our customers, our staff and the communities we work in. Your career with us is a partnership in growth, abilities and a vision for a better world.


Job opportunities

Visit our jobs portal to search and apply for available positions across Africa.                                                                                                                                                        .

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Grad programmes, internships, bursaries

Step into your future with an organisation that understands the power of collaborative minds in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.                                                                                                                                                    .

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Top Employer Africa

Putting our people first puts us on top.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      .

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