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Future ready yourself

The ReadytoWork App has everything you need to future ready yourself for the workplace of the future. Some of the App’s features include:

  • Training courses that cover essential work, entrepreneurial, money and work skills, as well as advanced skills such as blockchain technologies and computational thinking developed by a leading South African university.
  • A career hub with tools, resources, and interesting articles and videos.
  • Free access to Online Career Guidance for an online career assessment and other resources to help you to make informed study and career choices.
  • A job portal to search for your dream job through leading recruiters.
  • Resources such as CV templates with tips and tricks to market yourself and get noticed online.
  • A Wellness Corner with expert guidance on topics such as overcoming limiting fears – and more!

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A rapidly changing world

With about 200 million people aged between 15 and 24, Africa has the youngest population in the world – and the fastest growing youth population too! Yet, according to the United Nations, young people account for 60% of all of Africa’s jobless population.

Our young generation face a rapidly changing world. And with that, many challenges in finding work opportunities. One of our top priorities is to help young people prepare for the working world of tomorrow through education and skills development initiatives like ReadytoWork.

Your future is waiting

To be Future Ready means that whatever challenges are thrown at you, you’ll be equipped to not only take them on, but take them in your stride.

From free online training courses in the training hub to career guidance and a myriad of other tips, tools and resources in the career hub, you’ll find everything you need in the updated ReadytoWork App.

Because the workplace of tomorrow will demand a lot, but, when you’re Future Ready, you’ll have a lot to offer.

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