18 September 2019

Two of Absa Group’s subsidiaries have been named overall winners of the Market Leader Award in the 2019 Euromoney Cash Management Survey.

Barclays Ghana and Barclays Zambia were each ranked overall winners in their respective markets in the Market Leader Award category. Barclays Ghana was further awarded the Best Service Overall prize.

Commenting on the recognition, Absa Regional Operations Deputy Chief Executive, Temi Ofong said: “Delivering consistent superior services is what builds long-term success for us as a business and for our customers. Our cash management services provide a holistic offering and includes managing cash flow, banking solutions and a host of additional services.

“We are delighted to receive this recognition and endeavor to continue meeting the evolving needs of our customers,” added Yasmin Masithela, Managing Executive for Transactional Banking in CIB.

The Euromoney Cash Management Survey recognises the leading providers of cash management products and services. The survey covers 12 product and client categories on a global and regional basis, ranking results in 56 countries.

EuroMoney surveys cash managers, treasurers and financial officers worldwide. The survey reports the standard of international and domestic cash management services that corporate customers receive from their bankers. The scope included international and domestic payments, collections, liquidity management and other services.

Respondents (Corporate customers, Financial and non-Financial) are asked which top three banks they mostly use for their cash management services and to rate services provided by their lead Cash Manager on sliding scale of 1 being poor to 7 being excellent.

Corporate customers were surveyed to provide their feedback directly to EuroMoney based on the experience they have had with Cash Management services.