Inclusive financing

Through inclusive financing, we aim to impact economic growth at a regional, community and individual level

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We aim to create economic growth in a positive way at a regional, community and individual level through a three-pronged approach to Inclusive Financing, which aims to:

Contributing to enhanced African competitiveness through thought leadership, advocacy and investment vehicles that promote trade within the region and at a global scale.

Providing innovative, relevant and cost-efficient banking propositions to our entry-level banking customers and small and medium business customers.

Promoting self-sufficient communities by supporting the growth of emerging entrepreneurs. In promoting responsible and inclusive procurement practices, the Absa online procurement portal link provides additional opportunities for Africa’s small, medium and micro-enterprises (SMMEs) - key drivers of post-pandemic growth. The platform allows SMEs to access corporate supply, and at the same time enabling us to further contribute to ongoing entrepreneurship development. Read more