Four things SMEs need to know about COVID cyber risks

Resources, especially gold, have been a stable constant during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read on for some insights from a thought-provoking webinar on digital transformation in Africa, co-hosted by Absa and the Oliver & Adelaide Tambo Foundation.

Absa has been able to move from just being compliant to becoming more effective at managing financial crime risk, writes Nic Swingler, Absa's Head of Financial Crime Compliance.

According to the African Development Bank, at the start of 2020 the African continent was forecast to deliver 3.9% economic growth

When a number of supply chain reports were released pre-COVID-19, business leaders listed risks such as data breaches, cybercrime and a global pandemic did not feature on anyone’s radar.

Agriculture employs close to 50% of the working labour force on the continent, and in sub-Saharan Africa, the sector contributes 23% of GDP, and there is a need to increase finance to the sector.

As one of the most liquid foreign exchange markets in the world and the gateway to the African continent, South African businesses need to understand developments in the global foreign exchange (FX) markets to plan for the future.

"We expect that this reduced demand scenario will persist for some time with pre-covid consumption levels being reached at the back end of 2021."

While we were all excited about what we were going to change into, our biggest challenge was how to transfer the equity from 100-years of the Barclays brand into this new Absa brand.