Our Absa strategy 

We are proudly African, and treasure our diversity, which we leverage in the service of others. Our purpose is to bring your possibilities to life. We believe everyone should have access to the transformative power of financial services. To help them plan, dream, and aspire to change their lives. We believe in possibilities, in the actions of people who always find a way to get things done. We believe in creating opportunities for our customers to make their possibilities real and in supporting them every step of the way, delivering innovative technologies and propositions to make more possible.

As a financial services provider, we play an important role in the economic life of individuals, businesses and nations. We help to create, grow and protect wealth through partnerships in economic development, while playing a shaping role in Africa’s growth and sustainability.

The aspiration of the Group is to be a leading financial services company on the African continent, one that sustainably creates shared value and plays a meaningful role in our customers’ and clients’ life journey, empowering them to achieve more and for them to recommend us to family, friends and business associates. Sustainable growth will continue to shape our thinking and drive our planning as a critical measure of our success.

Purpose will be the cornerstone of our long-term sustainable growth, enabling us to find a balance between profit, responsibility and how best to shift our business model, resources, products and services to deliver shared value to a broad range of stakeholders. 

Being a purpose-led, customer centric business

Our strategy embraces a purpose-led ethos and customer centric business model where our focus is on ensuring that our propositions, distribution channels, market footprint, capabilities, mindsets and behaviours deliver on the needs of our customers.

This entails employing a solutions-driven mindset, which includes excelling at execution as well as solving for the needs, aspirations and behaviours of our customers and clients.

Our differentiation will come from implementing our customer-first digital ambition, creating an ecosystem of financial services, lifestyle and value chain offerings, which deliver a seamless  experience for our customers and clients across all our channels and points of presence, at the right price.

To drive execution, we have four strategic imperatives and four strategic enablers that work together to deliver shared value to a broad range of stakeholders, thus enabling us to restore leadership in the market.



Our four strategic imperatives are: 

Lead with purpose and deliver shared value to a broad range of stakeholders.



Deliver propositions through effective digital-first distribution channels that complement our customers’ behavioural patterns.



Address customers’ intrinsic needs through hyper-personalised propositions delivered in the right key moments.

Establish a diverse market footprint that best meets our customers’ expectations.



Our four core enablers are: 

Continue to invest in strategic capabilities that drive market leadership.

Evolve our execution model to deliver fast-lane innovation. 



Continue to build a modern technology architecture that powers digital transformation.

Develop and nurture an entrepreneurial culture.