11 November 2019

  • Barclays Bank of Uganda Limited renamed as Absa Bank Uganda Limited
  • Barclays Bank Moçambique renamed as Absa Bank Moçambique, SA
  • Subsidiaries in other countries remain Barclays; to be rebranded before mid-2020

Absa Group Limited subsidiaries Barclays Bank of Uganda Limited and Barclays Bank Moçambique were renamed Absa Bank Uganda Limited and Absa Bank Moçambique, SA, respectively, today, signalling significant progress in the group’s continent-wide rebranding programme.

The rebranding of the Ugandan and Moçambican subsidiaries also marks another substantial milestone in Absa’s separation from Barclays Plc, a process that is scheduled for completion by mid-2020.

The group-wide rebranding programme, one of the largest corporate rebranding projects in Africa currently, started with the launch of a refreshed visual identity in South Africa in July 2018 to reflect the group’s new identity as a standalone African bank.

“Today, we as Absa Group re-affirm our commitment to growth and economic development across the continent. We have a long and respected history in Uganda and Moçambique, which will serve us well for the future,” said Peter Matlare, Absa Group Limited Deputy CEO and Chief Executive of Absa Regional Operations. “By adopting the Absa name, we are leveraging our rich African heritage to drive relevant initiatives that can further unlock potential and support accelerated growth,” he said.

The rebranding programme will further unite Absa’s operations in 12 African countries behind a single identity, purpose and strategy. Absa Group’s Barclays-branded subsidiaries in Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Seychelles, Tanzania and Zambia will be rebranded by mid-2020.