22 September 2015

Barclays Africa Group Limited is pleased to announce the judges for the Barclays Africa Supply Chain Challenge (BASCC) competition. The goal of the competition is to seek out world beating ideas that will change the way that supply chains operate in Africa. The final competition will take place on 3 November 2015, Woodstock Industrial Centre, Cape Town, South Africa

The Barclays Supply Chain Challenge is an initiative being driven into Africa with the aim of sparking ideas to drive innovation development across the continent. The company has announced an extension on the deadline for entries to 26 September 2015.

The BASCC, launched in July this year, is about supply chain transparency bringing focus to the supply chain, which is the journey of a product from manufacturer to consumer and is often disjointed or inefficient. There is currently a large amount of interest in finding ways to increase the transparency of provenance, not least of which resides in the use of Blockchain technology.

Judges for the challenge will include:

  • Erik Hersman, CEO of BRCK and co-founder of Ushahidi and iHub Nairobi, is a widely respected technologist, blogger and commentator who specialises in the impact and application of technology throughout Africa.
  • Andrew Baker, CIO for Corporate, Investment Banking and Payments at Barclays Africa, brings an extensive understanding of the financial services industry to the panel.
  • Ian Merrington, CEO of The Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative (CiTi) and The Bandwidth Barn, has extensive experience in the technology, innovation and the creative sectors.
  • Teju Ajani, Regional content partnerships lead for YouTube, is responsible for YouTube content partnerships in sub-Saharan Africa and is charged with influencing the content creator ecosystem across Africa.
  • Ashley Veasey, CIO of Barclays Africa, boasts more than 20 years of global technology leadership experience in retail, investment and corporate banking.

With our Pan-African challenge, we’re inviting teams of innovators to submit ideas that will shake up the supply chain from manufacturer to consumer, add transparency to the chain and consequently add real value for millions of people. Final applications must be received by 26 September 2015 and five finalists will be awarded an all-expenses paid trip to Cape Town.

Applicants who are still interested in submitting ideas are invited to follow @ThinkRiseAfrica and visit http://www.barclaysafrica.com/barclaysafrica/Supply-Chain-Challenge for information on how to do so.