28 October 2014

Barclays Africa is committed to making a positive impact on society. Creating prosperity for our customers, colleagues and stakeholders is at the heart of our purpose as a bank. This is because we believe that by becoming the enabler of more inclusive economic growth we will ensure the sustainability of our own business, the communities we serve and the countries in which we operate.

Barclays Africa today launched a report which shows that, while Africa is experiencing unprecedented and exponential economic growth, Africans equate prosperity to achieving financial freedom by having enough personal wealth to live, without having to actively work to pay for basic necessities.

The 2014 Barclays Africa Prosper Report carries the results of a survey commissioned by Barclays Africa in which 7 000 people from 11 countries were asked what it means to ‘prosper’. The survey provides invaluable insights into what is important to people, their dreams and aspirations - essential intelligence if we are to contribute to building strong and sustainable economies on the continent.

The results are fascinating, and underscore the fact that Africa’s rising middle-class is effecting positive economic and socio-political transformation. What is particularly noteworthy is that nearly 80% of the respondents are between the ages of 18 and 35. This is significant because Africa has one of the highest youth populations in the world.

The findings will contribute to the growing body of knowledge about Africa’s socio-economic trends - specifically as it relates to prosperity and the financial aspirations of ordinary people. Gaining deeper insights enables all stakeholders to respond in ways that that can better enable the continent to fulfil its potential.

Watch the Barclays Africa Prosper report video