11 July 2013

Barclays Mauritius has already experienced a 50% increase in the use of eStatements this year.

As a global organisation, Barclays constantly strives to deliver a superior customer experience and embraces progressive technology to accomplish this goal. Striata's electronic statement solution was found to complement these objectives perfectly. This led to Barclays Mauritius being the first of many Barclays Africa banks to go live with this innovative solution from Striata, global provider of electronic bill and payment solutions.

Barclays successfully implemented Striata's eStatement solution in its Consumer and Corporate Banking divisions and has already experienced a 50% increase in the use of eStatements this year. It now also offers credit card customers this convenient solution. Striata’s 'push' email solutions are suited to all market types, including emerging markets such as Mauritius, as all that is required from the customer is a valid email address. Barclays is also committed to the reduction of its carbon footprint. Going paperless has helped contribute to its environmental conservation efforts.

"Barclays is committed to continually developing innovative solutions to make our customers’ experience of banking more convenient and user friendly. Delivering statements via email offer them a far more convenient solution than the current postal system allows. Striata's Secure Push eStatement solution also improves efficiencies, is an eco-friendly, paperless channel and has helped us realize immediate, cost savings," says Nathan Carr, Chief Operating Officer of Barclays Bank Mauritius Limited.

Michael Wright, CEO of Striata, explains that Striata's eStatements are created as a secure, encrypted PDF email attachment and can only be accessed through the use of a shared secret - a combination of personal and customer banking data.

Security of the eStatement is fundamentally two-factor authentication; recipients need access to their email inbox, as well as knowledge of the shared secret. Security is further enhanced by the decryption process, which is offline and local to the recipient's computer - providing Barclay’s customers with peace of mind that their eStatement is totally secure.

Customers who wish to receive statements issued through this new secure process should contact their local branch.