How Nono became financially free

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Nono Cele Xaba recently participated in the Money Makeover Challenge where she was a runner-up. It was a six-month journey of self-discovery that taught her valuable lessons about managing money and what financial wellness really means.

Who is Nono?

Nono Cele Xaba is an award-winning TV producer and director who started her career in sports broadcasting at the age of 20. She is sought-after in her industry and has won several awards for the outside sports broadcasts she has produced and directed.

Outside the media space, Nono is a creative and vibrant business owner. In 2018, she and her husband started their own body care line, Salt & Light, producing proudly South African body care products and gift hampers for every occasion.

Nono is mother to Xolisa, who was born during lockdown in 2020, but also a sister and a friend who credits her family for being her motivation to continually strive for excellence in all she does.

She was listed as one of the 100 most influential young South Africans in 2020.

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