Absa Group Limited’s Regional Operations (ARO) has been recognised as leading industry player at this year’s, Global Retail Banking Innovation Awards (GRB).

In the latest edition of The Future Fast, Absa Group head of resilience Ina Steyn tells ARTHUR GOLDSTUCK why diversity is key to addressing the skills gap in the 2020s

Agriculture employs close to 50% of the working labour force on the continent, and in sub-Saharan Africa, the sector contributes 23% of GDP. Find out how Absa is using tech to drive growth in agriculture.

Africa will play a significant role in meeting the world's growing oil and gas demands as investments in the resource-rich continent start gaining traction and more sources of energy are opened up.

Absa, as part of social partnerships, is also exploring how to support innovative finance initiatives undertaken by the Global Fund to contribute to new and sustainable sources of funding for AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and COVID-19.

When a number of supply chain reports were released pre-COVID-19, business leaders listed risks such as data breaches, cybercrime and a global pandemic did not feature on anyone’s radar.

The social re-order brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic have generated many learnings, and Absa’s digital transformation journey will create a distinct position for the bank amongst African peers.

When a crisis of the magnitude of COVID-19 strikes, it is our role as a responsible lender to put forward various immediate solutions to proactively combat the downturn it brings

Four things SMEs need to know about COVID cyber risks

Resources, especially gold, have been a stable constant during the COVID-19 pandemic.