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Our art gallery is not your conventional gallery. The art we exhibit in this space is both the works of pioneering art masters, and that of dynamic, inspiring and emerging visual artists. More than simply preserving the continent’s art legacy, we are committed to shining the spotlight on works of young African artists to bring their possibility to life.

We also believe that art is something everyone should have access to. And that’s why we’ve introduced virtual art events, live webinars and other digital art initiatives that allow you to truly experience art in a new way.

Art is in our DNA

Although banking is not something you traditionally associate with art, our corporate art collection is one of the largest in Africa and in the top 10 globally. Our corporate and regional buildings are filled with art from our collection, some of which were specially commissioned.

Current art events

Absa L'Atelier

The annual art competition opens on 01 March 2021 for artists across Africa.

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Upcoming Exhibitions



1 March-31 May - Absa L’Atelier competition


1 March-31 May - Absa L’Atelier competition

Art exhibition - (to be confirmed)


1 March-31 May - Absa L’Atelier competition

3D tours

Dignifying the Diseased Body

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3D Tours

Skin, Bone, Fire: The First Album

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3D Tours

Resistance is Us: An intergenerational visual conversation

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3D Tours

2019 Absa L'Atelier winning artists

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Previous Exhibitions

Revisit previous exhibitions and events

Artworks art investment webinars

19 November - 10 December

  • Watch webinar 1 here
  • Watch webinar 2 here
  • Watch webinar 3 here
  • Watch webinar 4 here

Art masterclass with Pauline Gutter

27 August

In discussion with Pauline Gutter

23 July

In discussion with Mongezi Ncaphayi

18 June

Art masterclass with Marguerite Kirsten

4 June

In discussion with Jaco van Schalkwyk

28 May

Dignifying the Diseased Body

By Marguerite Kirsten

21 May

Skin, Bone, Fire: The First Album
By Philiswa Lila

02 February

Resistance is Us : An intergenerational visual conversation

10 November

2019 Absa L’Atelier winning artists

27 September

Our contemporary needs and the other

23 June

Molelo Wa Badimo? (Fire of the Ancestors)
by Reatile Moalusi

05 May

Seeking Love by Banele Khoza

17 March

tête-à-tête a group exhibition
by the artists of the Bag Factory

10 February

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Absa arts

Absa L’Atelier art competition

The competition for young African artists.

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Absa arts

Money Museum

The history of South Africa’s money.

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