Art Gallery

Celebrating visual arts from across the continent

The Absa Gallery is a highly-respected platform for artists of all levels, mediums and backgrounds to share their work.

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Experience exhilarating exhibitions

Our new art gallery is situated on the piazza of Towers Main in Johannesburg, South Africa. The art we exhibit in this unconventional space is both the works of pioneering art masters, and that of dynamic, inspiring and emerging visual artists from across Africa. More than simply preserving the continent’s art legacy, we are committed to giving young African artists the platform to speak to the world through their art.

Virtual art experiences

We also believe that art is something everyone should have access to. And that’s why we launched the Absa Art Hot Spot in 2020. A virtual world of art, every physical art exhibition in the Absa Gallery is opened with a livestream event and an expertly curated virtual exhibition. Masterclasses and other digital art content is also available in the Absa Art Hot Spot.

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Art is in our DNA

Although banking is not something you traditionally associate with art, our corporate art collection is one of the largest in African, and in the top 10 globally. Our corporate and regional buildings are filled with art from our collection, some of which were specially commissioned.

Absa Gallery

Piazza Towers Main
160 Main Street
Johannesburg 2001

Open Mon-Fri 08:00-16:00.
Please bring proof of identity (identity book, driver’s licence or passport) for entry.

For group bookings, please email: