Barclays is passionate about helping young women to take their place at the forefront of business.

Barclays is passionate about helping young women to take their place at the forefront of business. In partnership with lnvestSoc, Barclays will be hosting the Pioneering Young Women's conference; a three-day interactive workshop from 6-8 July 2015 where young women will learn from the pioneers who've made a difference.

The theme of the event is - Aim High. Prosper, and will provide incredible content within the following sub-themes:

Day 1- Opening Day - Discovering the leader within me

You will embark on a facilitated journey of self-exploration that seeks to identify your leadership style. The Strengthsfinder activity will help you identify your strengths and how best to utilise them in developing yourself as a leader. Exercises and introspection will help you unpack “who am I”, “How do I show up”, “how do I brand myself”, and “what can I offer”. This journey starts with discovering your unique passions, strengths and vision for the future.

Day 2- Showing up as a leader

On this day, you will be invited to explore, create and develop your personal brand and values whilst remaining cognisant of your impact when interacting with others. A PVP is a personal manifesto that should tell those you come into contact with, who you are and what you stand for. This day will provide you with exposure to individuals who have been successful in creating PVP’s that are synonymous with excellence.

On this day you will be given the opportunity to gain deeper insights into the world of Barclays as you engage with some of our business leaders and alumni. You will also be given an opportunity to practise your networking skills with the BAGL Graduate community, and draw on their experiences as newbies’ in the world of work.

Day 3- Leading with a Global mind set

Global consciousness is the order of the day. We begin the day with an exuberating talk on current trends and how to be globally conscious. You will be exposed to knowledge and skills to help pursue your innovative side. This day aims to expand your practical education on the basic fundamentals required to make any venture you undertake relevant, successful and sustainable.

You will learn through the narratives of others, that success is never achieved in isolation. It is dependent on understanding the people you serve (clients), mobilising the people you work with (colleagues) and leveraging the broader role-players you are able to influence (external stakeholders and networks). This day aims to inspire you as our next generation, to take charge and own your role as pioneers to continuously Aim high and Prosper.

How do you get involved?

Applications run every year during April - May, for this year’s event applications are already closed, but you can follow the conversation via social media using #PYW2015