"We expect that this reduced demand scenario will persist for some time with pre-covid consumption levels being reached at the back end of 2021."

While we were all excited about what we were going to change into, our biggest challenge was how to transfer the equity from 100-years of the Barclays brand into this new Absa brand.

It took two years to design Absa's OneWorld resilience system, and in 2018, we won three awards from the African Chapter of the Business Continuity Institute.

While the lockdown has been eased, mining companies could take up to six months to recover from the national shutdown in South Africa and other countries in Africa.

As we continuously adjust to the nuances and opportunities presented by remote working, one thing is certain: this will be our default position.

It has been months since COVID-19 was reported, so ask yourself: am I doing enough to flatten this curve? Am I playing my part to limit infection?