FAQs about Absa Social Relief Programme 

  • When I donate to the Absa COVID-19 Social Relief Programme, do I get tax relief?

    The Absa COVID-19 Social Relief Programme is not registered as a separate public benefit organisation – donations to the programme therefore are not eligible for tax benefits.  The programme is serving as a mechanism to collate funds, which will then be used to implement initiatives focused on the expansion of testing and tracing in critical areas, the supply of medical equipment and supporting vulnerable groups with basic humanitarian assistance. 

  • What is the Absa COVID-19 Social Relief Programme about?

    A principle-based approach has been taken in formulating the COVID-19 Social Relief response, guided by two core imperatives, namely protecting lives, and protecting livelihoods, with three core focus areas, which will be implemented over a six-month period:

    •  Expansion of tracing, screening and testing – to enable effective management of the spread and suppression of the virus. 
    • Medical equipment – providing personal protective equipment (PPE) to frontline healthcare workers and supporting triage tents/field hospitals to enable an adequate public health response.
    • Supporting the vulnerable through the provision of basic humanitarian assistance in the form of food, hygiene and sanitation.   
  • What does “Bring your Africanacity” mean?

    As responsible citizens, we are committed to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, with the ultimate goal of protecting lives and livelihoods. We are inspired by our country of doers, who turn every challenge into an opportunity. We call this Africanacity. 

  • What criteria do you use to decide who qualifies as “vulnerable” when distributing two million meals?

    Meal disbursements are implemented through reputable Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) that are rooted in our communities to ensure that they reach those in need, with a keen focus on the poor in our communities. 

  • With which institutions does Absa collaborate on the COVID-19 Social Relief Programme?

    To ensure reach and meaningful impact across the focus areas, Absa is collaborating with experienced local NGOs, Global Development Organisations (GDOs), private and public organisations where applicable, and disaster relief agencies on the ground that have the infrastructure and expertise to do so, and are interconnected with the appropriate national, provincial and district disaster relief structures across the country. 

    Some examples of these include Gift of the Givers, World Vision South Africa, Afrika Tikkun, Pink Drive, Ford Motor Company Southern Africa, Yes4Youth, Rise Against Hunger, Do More Foundation and National Health Laboratory Services.   

  • Can I donate my Absa Rewards to the Absa COVID-19 Social Relief Programme?

    Yes. Absa Rewards can be donated into the Absa National Relief account, which is listed as one of the charitable Rewards partners.

  • What are the banking details of the Absa COVID-19 Social Relief Programme?

    Bank                                : Absa

    Account Name                : Absa National Relief

    Account number             : 409 869 7540

    Account Type                  : Cheque

    Branch code                    : 63 20 05

    Reference                        : COVID-19 

  • How is the Absa COVID-19 Social Relief Programme managed and reported on?

    The Absa COVID-19 Social Relief Programme and the implementing organisations are subject to Absa’s regulatory, governance, compliance and audit requirements. Absa will publically communicate the value of the donations received in the Absa National Relief account, as well as for what the funds have been used, once these have been disbursed in line with the three focus areas.

  • How does the Absa COVID-19 Social Relief Programme differ from the Solidarity Fund?

    The Solidarity Response Fund was established by government to help enable a comprehensive response to COVID-19, focused on prevention, detection, treatment and the support of vulnerable groups.
    The reality, however, is that in a country of more than 58.5 million people, with high poverty and inequality rates, the need far surpasses the availability of resources, and requires a collective response.
    The Absa COVID-19 Social Relief Programme seeks to augment the efforts being undertaken by government, in a controlled, verifiable manner, enabling us to ensure that funds are disbursed in line with intended objectives.  

  • Is there a minimum or maximum amount that I can donate to the Absa COVID-19 Social Relief Programme? Is there a limit to the number of times that I can donate?

    All donations are welcome, and you can donate as many times as you would like to. 

  • What are the different ways I can donate?

    This week all voluntary donations can be done via EFT.  The next two weeks will see us giving you the option to also donate via secure, online payment options which will include - but are not limited to - card, Zapper, Masterpass by Mastercard® etc.  Watch this space! 

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