This philosophy informs our business strategy and our approach to corporate citizenship. Each area of our business actively participates in, and contributes to the implementation and delivery of our strategy.

Our long-term aim is to generate substantial social impact through our core business functions. This will enable us to significantly impact some of the key challenges facing society.

We have identified three strategic areas where we believe Absa Group can make a real difference to address these challenges. 

Our strategies to make a difference
Education and skills

Increase employment opportunities and sustainable livelihoods by enabling access to quality education.

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Enterprise development

Enhance the formation, growth and inclusion of small and medium enterprises within the economy.

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Providing access to appropriate financial services

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Our shared-value approach underpins the way we do business, and enables our colleagues to participate as a core component of our assets and expertise. In addition, we want to deliver on our commitment to inclusive procurement, managing the direct impacts of our environmental footprint, and being transparent with our stakeholders in communicating and reporting on the value we create.

Collaboration is integral to our shared-value approach, and we engage like-minded organisations if we believe that solutions cannot be adequately addressed by our business alone. The Nelson Mandela Foundation and Tshimong are such like-minded organisations.

For more information on our Citizenship approach and activities, please contact our team at: citizenship@absa.co.za

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