What sets us apart are our culture and values, a common purpose that contributes to building and shaping our culture, as well as serving as a guide on our journey to become the bank that Africa will be proud of.

As an organisation, growth is a key component of our strategy. This translates into helping individuals, our colleagues, small businesses, corporates, economies, and society at large to grow.  We put growth at the heart of all we do, shaping our thinking and driving our planning. It is the measure of success and the base of our culture.

We have adopted three attitudes which connect to our purpose of bringing your possibilities to life.

  • We are brave

    Bravery is at the heart of humanity’s greatest accomplishments, which is why it’s part of our identity. We’re brave enough to embrace change, to set big goals, to be a bank that makes Africa proud. We take accountability and hold each other to higher standards. Because we know that bravery is how we, and our customers, will achieve the extraordinary.

  • We are passionate

    Through our passion, we are able to build a strong culture that puts people at the heart of everything we do and values people as individuals. We are committed to helping people achieve their potential. It’s the difference between ticking boxes and exceeding expectations, and it’s the reason we’re able to go further for our people, our customers, and for Africa.

  • We are ready

    We’re prepared for the unexpected. We’re ready to grow beyond banking and to ensure that we are future fit. We collaborate, working together to create solutions for people that transcend banking and to compete strongly in our markets.

    We are dedicated to service excellence, bringing our best selves to work, every day.