Culture Transformation

Our story is about people coming together to reflect on what matters the most, and giving a voice to their hopes and aspirations. Collectively, we are customer obsessed, we acknowledge the strength of our people and we deliver results sustainably, with an African heartbeat.

Possibilities are abundant. Possibilities are generous. Possibilities connect those with a passion to create a shared future and our purpose is to bring these possibilities to life.


Our Values

  • We drive high performance to achieve sustainable results

    We play to win
    We innovate
    We are decisive
    We act quickly
    We are accountable for results
    We learn from our failures and we are bold enough to change.

  • We are obsessed with the customer

    We are curious
    We anticipate the needs of a customer
    We go beyond customer’s expectations and we outperform
    We take ownership of delivering the “One Absa” for our customers.

  • Our people are our strength

    We integrate diverse perspectives to invent the future
    We collaborate with courage, honesty and a powerful energy
    We trust, value and grow our people to achieve their full potential.

  • We have an African heartbeat

    We deliver a unique Absa experience across Africa
    We co-create across Africa to deliver better solutions
    We actively engage our communities to bring people’s possibilities to life.