Absa Money Museum

A history of note

Absa Money Museum

From salt and seashells, to metal and animals, money has taken some fascinating forms over the course of South Africa’s history. The Money Museum is the one and only home to these and more numismatic items, and also documents the rise of Absa in Mzansi.

The museum’s history stretches back to the beginnings of trade in Johannesburg. The dynamic displays include ranges of early money forms such as Cowrie Shells and Venetian glass beads, through to gold coins retrieved from sunken ships. Give it a visit and find out the incredible story behind the change in your pocket. 


Please remember to bring your ID for entry into the building. A tour guide is provided for groups (maximum of 15 people and booking is essential), and the museum also specialises in tours for the hearing impaired.

Contact us

Absa Money Museum

  • Get in touch with us to book a tour or to find out more.
  • Access is free. Please bring your ID/passport for entry into the building
  • Advance booking is essential for group tours (maximum of 15 people).
  • Secure parking available.

Absa Towers West, 15 Troye St, Marshalltown,

Johannesburg, 2001

Hours: 08:30 -16:00

E-mail: museum@absa.co.za

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