We are an African group, inspired by the people we serve and determined to be a globally respected organisation of which Africa can be proud.

We’re committed to finding tailored solutions to uniquely local challenges and everything we do is focused on creating shared value.

To this end, we offer a universal set of products and services across retail, business, corporate, investment and wealth banking, as well as investment management and insurance solutions.

Listed on the JSE, the Absa Group is one of Africa’s largest diversified financial services groups with a presence in 14 countries.

We own majority stakes in banks in Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Mozambique, Seychelles, South Africa, Tanzania (Absa Bank Tanzania and National Bank of Commerce), Uganda and Zambia as well as insurance operations in Botswana, Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa and Zambia. We also have representative offices in Namibia, Nigeria and securities entities in the United Kingdom and the United States.   


What is our purpose?

Our purpose is to bring possibilities to life. We believe everyone should have access to the transformative power of financial services to help them plan, dream, and aspire to change their lives for the better. We will find creative ways to deliver innovative technologies and propositions to make more possible, and we will help shape a world that values progress and economic activity to serve the common good. We believe in growth that is sustainable, which serves to benefit generations of our customers, our employees, and our communities on our continent and in the world at large.




Our values

We drive high performance to achieve sustainable results
  • We play to win and are accountable for results.
  • We innovate, we are decisive, and we act quickly.
  • We learn from our failures and we are bold enough to change course.
Our employees are our strength
  • We integrate diverse perspectives to invent the future.
  • We collaborate with courage, honesty and powerful energy.
  • We trust, value and grow our people to achieve their full potential.
We are obsessed with the customer
  • We integrate diverse perspectives to invent the future.
  • We collaborate with courage, honesty and powerful energy.
  • We trust, value and grow our employees to achieve their full potential. 
We have an African heartbeat
  • We deliver a uniquely Absa experience, across Africa.
  • We co-create across Africa to deliver better solutions.
  • We actively engage our communities to bring possibilities to life.


The Absa Way Code of Ethics

The Absa Way Code of Ethics outlines our values and expected behaviours when engaging with our fellow employees, customers and clients, shareholders, governments, regulators, business partners, suppliers, competitors and the broader community. 

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Sustainability policy and Summary coal financing standard  

Summary coal financing standard

Sustainability policy


Playing a shaping role in Africa’s growth and sustainability

Our Group strategy is anchored in the concept of creating shared value. We have a vested interest in creating inclusive growth in Africa and delivering financial products and services in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Opportunity and success can only be enabled through all people being treated equitably, having good health, and having access to education and income opportunities.

As a purpose-led organisation, and recognising the link of our sustainability to that of the communities where we operate, our role in society strategy brings together multiple value creation initiatives from across the Group. Together, these distinct yet complementary activities generate the direct and indirect economic, social and environmental impacts across our presence countries. 

Inclusive finance

Advancing inclusive financing seeks to impact economic growth at a regional, community and individual level by:

  • Contributing to enhanced African competitiveness through thought leadership, advocacy and investment vehicles that promote trade within the region and at a global scale.
  • Providing innovative, relevant, cost-efficient propositions to our entry level banking customers and small and medium clients.
  • Promoting self-sufficient communities by supporting the growth of emerging entrepreneurs.
  • Enabling stronger individual financial behaviours through literacy, inclusive access and expanded financial education.
A just society

Promoting efforts to deepen democracy, accountability and the effectiveness of public institutions. Supporting efforts to overcome issues relating to equality, social wellbeing, employment and justice by:

  • Supporting organisations and institutions that drive public accountability and positive social change to build strong, open and sustainable democratic societies.
  • Leveraging strategic partnerships and thought leadership for building social cohesion and nation building.
  • Building consensus and developing solutions to challenges that are common to our customers and stakeholders such as inter-generational equity and gender-based violence.
  • Investing in technology platforms that support improved social services delivery. This is a practical mechanism by which change can be directly affected, alongside the longer-term advocacy, dialogue, research and thought leadership mechanisms that seek to foster a unifying and inclusive African identity.
  • Providing employment free from discrimination and underpinned by fair labour practices and employee wellbeing
Environmental sustainability

We will help to promote sustainable environmental practices and to mitigate climate change risk in Africa while using positive and progressive climate-linked initiatives to contribute towards a more sustainable future for the communities in which we operate. We will promote environmental sustainability and justice through progressive lending and sustainable management of Absa’s physical assets. This includes:

  • Managing climate risk and the associated social risks; specifically managing Absa’s direct ecological impact.
  • Providing innovative, sustainable financial products and advisory services to support a just transition to a low-carbon economy
  • Employing enhanced assessment criteria for capital allocation decisions, which would incorporate climate change, positive impact and our environmental, social and governance commitments.

Education and skills development

Supporting the countries in which we operate to build strong, dynamic skill and knowledge bases that will underpin Africa’s economic growth and global competitiveness by:

  • Funding access to quality tertiary education, including an Absa Fellowship programme and innovative education financing solutions.
  •  Advancing digital, technical and vocational skills development through artisanship, alternative qualification and skills development pathways, specialised academies and sector cross-skilling.
  • Promoting women and youth entrepreneurship.
  • Supporting institutional capacity building and teacher training.

Our approach to Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment

Absa supports a vision of a non-racial, non-sexist democratic society creating opportunities for all people to prosper.

We are committed to using our financial resources, the expertise of our people and our infrastructure to promote inclusive growth in the societies in which we operate. We aim to achieve this in a meaningful and sustainable way and do so as we simultaneously transform our own organisation. We are a values-based organisation, driving a culture of fairness and equal opportunity.

In South Africa, we embrace the principles of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Amendment Act, which serves as the basis for the Department of Trade and Industry’s Financial Sector Code (FSC).

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Our group legal structure

  1. South Africa
  2. Tanzania
  3.  See our latest Consolidated and separate financial statements for further information on subsidiaries and consolidated structured entities.