Absa promotes a just society by supporting efforts to deepen democracy, accountability, and the effectiveness of public institutions in the countries and communities where we serve. 

We are actively engaged, and involved, and we stand up for important matters, in a progressive way that stimulates debate and change.  

We strive for justice, equity, accountability, inclusion, and social cohesion in all that we do, and we play a dynamic role in helping shape policy for the benefit of society.

We celebrate African diversity and support efforts to overcome issues relating to equality, social wellbeing, employment and justice by:

  • Supporting organisations and institutions that drive public accountability and positive social change to build strong, transparent and sustainable democratic societies.
  • Leveraging strategic partnerships and thought leadership for building social cohesion and nation building.
  • Reaching consensus and developing solutions to challenges that our customers and stakeholders face, such as inter-generational equity and gender-based violence.
  • Investing in technology platforms that support improved social services delivery. This is a practical mechanism by which change can be directly affected, alongside the longer-term advocacy, dialogue, research and thought leadership mechanisms that seek to foster a unifying and inclusive African identity.
  • Providing employment free from discrimination and underpinned by fair labour practices and employee wellbeing.