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In an evolving world, nothing is ever ‘perfect’. There’s always work in progress to create, improve and scale new possibilities.

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WorkInProgress co-creating innovation

WorkInProgress is the first Absa Innovation Lab. Located in Cape Town, South Africa, it is a space that facilitates and nurtures collaboration, co-creation and ideation among entrepreneurs, start-ups (at various stages), innovators, companies, investors and thought leaders. In short, WorkInProgress is a community of like-minded original thinkers that work together to unlock potential, to create and grow solutions.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has limited physical co-working and face-to-face networking, we continue to find new and creative ways to connect and share virtually.


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WorkInProgress, an Absa Innovation Lab
Ground Floor Bridge Park East Building

Bridgeway Boulevard, Century City 7446, South Africa

E-mail: cpt@workinprogress.co.za