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Testing and screening

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The ongoing public health response to COVID-19, in line with global best practice, is focused on education and awareness, prevention and treatment. A key concern is the ability of the public health system to effectively manage a rise in infections while maintaining primary care services. It is therefore imperative to support and augment the Department of Health’s capacity around testing, screening and tracing to help curb the spread of the virus.In South Africa, the Solidarity Response Fund was established by Government to help enable a comprehensive response to COVID-19, and to date has raised more than R2.5 billion towards these efforts, focused on prevention, detection, treatment and the support of vulnerable groups. The reality, however, is that in a country of more than 58.5 million people, with high poverty and inequality rates, the need far surpasses the availability of resources, and requires a collective response. Absa is supporting testing and tracing in hotspots and critical areas as identified by Government, working with organisations such as the Pink Drive; supporting three mobile testing units to enable ongoing testing – in partnership with the National Health Laboratory Services; and supporting additional tracing capacity through the training and deployment of additional community-based tracing personnel. With your help, we will be able to scale this.

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Bank: Absa
Account name: Absa National Relief
Account number: 409 869 7540
Account type: Cheque account
Branch code: 632005
Reference: COVID-19

*Note that the Absa COVID-19 Social Relief Programme is not registered as a separate public benefit organisation (PBO) – donations to the programme therefore are not eligible for tax benefits. The programme is serving as a mechanism to collate funds, which will then be used to implement initiatives focused on the expansion of testing and tracing in critical areas, the supply of medical equipment and supporting vulnerable groups with basic humanitarian assistance.

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